AMM Membership

As no part of the Meeting is for “members only,” what is the significance of becoming a member of the Albuquerque Monthly Meeting (AMM) and how is it done?

Membership is an outward sign of a person’s realization of a personal involvement with others in the Meeting, of a commitment to the sharing of loving care and the sharing or responsibility.

A person who may be interested in becoming a member might reflect on the following questions:

Has the Meeting for Worship in silence become an essential part of my life?

How do I respond to the challenges of the Advices and Queries?

Am I prepared to take on one of the jobs which are essential to a group that has no leaders or paid helpers? 

Am I willing to be a friend, in the broadest sense of the word, to other people in the Meeting?

The one question that attenders are encouraged to avoid is, “Am I good enough to be a Quaker?”

When you  find affirmative answers to these questions, or simply wish to explore membership in AMM,  please contact one of our co-clerks, who will provide guidance on the simple membership procedure.

Contact:   Chadron Kidwell