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IMYM Queries: Discussion Jan 21 Rise of Meeting (noon)

[FYI: Contact is Nancy Rice]


There are three queries sent to us this year from Intermountain Yearly Meeting. We are asked to gather for discussion about these queries in time for our thoughts to be recorded and brought to the IMYM Representatives Committee Meeting in February. We scheduled a meeting to coincide with our third Sunday potluck which will be at rise of Meeting, Sunday, January 21.

The queries before us for consideration have to do with 1) our work on racism and white privilege, 2) our interest in hosting Friends General Conference annual gathering in or beyond 2019 and 3) whether we wish IMYM to affiliate with Quaker Earthcare Witness. Below are the three queries and some background information for your prayer and consideration before we meet on January 21 to discuss. We do not have to come to agreement in our responses to these queries. Nancy Rice will write down all contributions and report them to Representatives Committee. It would be good if we could start by 12:45 and finish by 2 pm. If we cannot do justice to all three queries, we’ve been directed to focus on the first two. If you would like to have input into this conversation but are unable to attend on January 21, please email your thoughts to Nancy Rice by January 20.


Query #1

At the 2017 Annual Gathering at Ghost Ranch, IMYM approved a minute supporting Friends General conference’s internal audit of their institutional racism. We hope that Query #1 will follow up on our support and bring this concern to our local monthly meetings and worship groups. Many meetings have been working on this concern for some time, and we look forward to their wisdom.


Query #2

Friends General Conference has asked IMYM to consider hosting the FGC Gathering in 2019 or beyond. The FGC Gathering was held in our region in 2013 at Greeley, Colorado. The co-clerks, Andrew Banks and Sarah Beutel, found it a deeply enriching experience. They felt well supported by FGC and local Friends. The co-clerks were names by a nominating committee from FGC that included IMYM Friends. Approximately 30 IMYM Friends served on sub-committees and helped with local arrangements. In 2013, the co-clerks worked on the gathering for 18 months (10 hours a week average) while the subcommittee volunteers had a 12 month commitment. FGC chooses the site for the Gathering, and they are open to suggestions.

Having the FTC Gathering in our region gives us:

  • The opportunity to connect with the wider Quaker community in our own area
  • Stimulating speakers and program, a chance to grow as a Quaker, in spirit and in practice
  • A great model of a youth grogram and a good opportunity to connect for Quaker youth
  • A strong model of Quaker process
  • Opportunities to increase our knowledge of and relationship with FGC, which strengthens our Quaker community and the national Quaker community.


Please note that one considered site for this Gathering might be the University of New Mexico which would mean our Meeting would be deeply involved.

Query #3

This past summer, Shelley Tannenbaum of Quaker Earthcare Witness attended our annual gathering and again offered us the opportunity to affiliate with QEW. At least two Friends are interested in serving.

QEW has been the grassroots voice for environmental stewardship for Friends in North America for the past thirty years. QEW shares resources with Friends and Yearly and Monthly Meetings, speaks out on these issues at the national and international levels, and showcases actions that Friends are taking in their presentations, publications and on their website. Overall, QEW serves to inspire Friends to spirit-led concrete actions on earthcare, and QEW shares their stories as a way to inspire and empower Friends to be bolder and more effective.

IMYM could have up to two members on QEW’s steering committee which meets twice a year. The cost of attendance is $120 – 400 (depending on the locations) plus travel expenses. Many yearly meetings contribute to QEW annually; meeting contributions (Monthly and Yearly) make up about a third of QEW’s budget. Not all of these Yearly meetings send representatives to the steering committee. Contributions from Yearly and Monthly meetings range from $50 – 1000.


List-Serv Guidelines FINAL

FINAL AMM Guidelines for Listserv Use:

  1. Appropriate Postings:
    • Newsletter – this is the preferred method of delivery for the newsletter.
    • Announcements from committees
    • Announcements of Quaker events or matters directly related to our Quaker Meeting – the kind of material that would appear in the newsletter
      • Please consider coordinating with an appropriate committee before posting.
    • Joys, Concerns, and Requests for Assistance such as being held in the Light, hospitality, ride-sharing to Quaker events, simple assistance, etc.
      • Please consider coordinating with an appropriate committee before posting.
  1. Inappropriate Postings:
    • Urgent requests – particularly same-day requests for assistance
    • Frequent or repeated posts – please be mindful that most households do not wish to receive multiple listserv announcements each day.
    • General discussion
    • Political messages, petition signing, etc.
    • For-profit activities
    • Want ads, personals, etc.
    • Forwarded messages from Quaker organizations or copied website content
      • Friends are encouraged to sign up to receive such emails directly.
      • Use links to websites when essential (instead of copying content) .
  1. Format of Postings:
    • Keep it brief.
    • Include a short clear subject line.
    • Include a contact person’s name and contact info in first line of the message.
      • The contact person should be someone at AMM, not at another organization.
    • Attachments should be in PDF, so that most users can open them.
    • The number of links and attachments should be kept to a minimum.
  1. General Information:
    • Send postings to
    • Messages will be posted by Listserv Coordinator about once a day
      • The message may be bundled into one delivery per day, except that the newsletter and Meeting for Worship for Business agenda should be sent separately.
      • Announcements arriving after 12:00 noon might not be posted until the next day.
  1. Urgent Messages:
    • Urgent messages may be sent by Clerk of Meeting at any time, per Clerk’s discernment.

Report from Standing Rock a year later

October 28, 2017

It has been almost a year since I travelled to Standing Rock with the support of our Meeting, carrying our Minute of Solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux in their struggle to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of one of the most pivotal moments in that struggle: Oct 27, the day Water Protectors were forcefully removed from their Treaty Camp at the site of the pipeline construction. The following report came out yesterday, recognizing the significance of that day. I share it here as one way to follow-up on our collective witness to this struggle:

Yours in the Light,
Tina Kachele, Presiding Clerk, AMM

Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship

We are reading & discussing the book Fit for Freedom not for Friendship by Donald McDaniel and Vanessa Julye. We meet every 2nd Sunday after Meeting for Worship, 12:15-1:45.

Fit for Freedom is a history of American Friends subtitled “Quakers, African Americans, and the Myth of Racial Justice.” This is a chance to look at the real, not idealized, history of Friends as a way of illuminating where we are now and clarifying our next steps.

We are reading one chapter a month – Ch. 4 for the July 9 session, Ch. 5 for the August 13, Ch. 6 for September 10, etc. All are welcome, whether you’ve read the chapter or not! Please join us. 

Faith & Practice: Equality

Our Faith & Practice topic for the summer is Equality. We meet Sunday mornings at 9:00 –worship sharing on 1st & 3rd Sundays and discussions on 2nd and 4th Sundays.

The Advices on Equality from our Faith & Practice begin with the line “Since the time of George Fox, Friends have believed that all people are spiritually equal before God.” But what does spiritual equality entail in practice? Curiously, this is the shortest section of Advices in our entire Faith & Practice.  Why is that?  We have the whole summer to ponder in connection with our other related ongoing activities – like the Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship book group. Drop in and join us any time!


Contemplative Reading: Gitanjali

The Contemplative Reading Group is reading a new edition of the Gitanjali (“Song Offerings” or “Prayer Offerings of Song”). It is a book of spiritual poems by Rabindranath Tagore, a Bengali poet, who received the Nobel Prize for his work.  The new edition is based on Tagore’s original Bengali and English texts.

The Contemplative Reading Group meets once a week, Fridays at noon in the meetinghouse.  We have read Quaker, Christian, and Buddhist classics using a method similar to Lectio Divina — We read the same short passage several times out of silence and then reflect and share on what arises for us from the text and our own experience.   It’s easy to join us at any time. Please feel free to “drop in” and give it a try!

For more details:

Standing Rock : **UPDATE June 2017**

June 2017: catching up on news from Standing Rock, this week saw big news regarding the environmental assessment!
You can read about it here:
and about militarized repression here:


From late 2016:
On Dec 4, the US Army Corps of Engineers denied the easement to drill and DAPL attempted to have that decision overturned later that week. They now have until Jan 31 to present their case about why the pipeline should go forward. Meanwhile, the drill site is still active so the work to stop the pipeline is not over! Due to harsh winter conditions, many have left the camp but there is still a strong presence of Water Protectors! The sacred fire at Oceti Sackowin was put out by the elders who started it, and a new fire (and new prayer) has begun. That camp is now called Oceti Oyate (The Peoples’ Camp) and is populated by about 1000. There are also about 300 people at Rosebud Camp (the youth camp), and about 1000 at Sacred Stone Camp. Two Spirit Camp plans to stay through the winter as well (located within Oceti Oyate), and Red Warrior Camp has moved on to build a mobile resistance movement (see more here:

Support is still needed! Prayers are still needed!  

For more info, see:


Coalition Statement on what’s next:

The Beginning is Near: The Deep North, Evictions and Pipeline Deadlines

Terra Nullius and the History of Broken Treaties at Standing Rock

We are our own medicine: Report from Standing Rock (AFSC delegation)

Epistle from Travelers to Standing Rock (NEYM)


If you can send support, here are a couple of fund me sites: 


Two Spirit Camp (one of the leaders in this camp is Albuquerque’s own Alma Rosa, Director of the LGBTQ Resource Center at UNM):


Oceti Sackowin Camp:

STANDING ROCK Minute of Support from AMM : November 2016

In November, the Meeting approved a minute of support for those engaged in the ongoing action at Standing Rock and a minute to accompany our clerk, Tina Kachele, as she journeyed for one week to Standing Rock. (see minute below). She and others who traveled from Albuquerque brought donated supplies and cash to the growing community from around the world who stand alongside the Native American Water Protectors as they engage in peaceful ceremony and witness.  Tina presented an account of her time at Standing Rock at rise of Meeting on November 27 and at the December Meeting for Business.  An interfaith prayer event will be held December 4 at 9:00 at the meetinghouse.  Please stay aware of the situation as events continue to develop rapidly.



Albuquerque Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

1600 5th Street

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87125

November 6, 2016

Minute 2016.11.4

Albuquerque Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) affirms our support for all those engaged in non-violent resistance to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), and our support for the sovereignty of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in opposing DAPL. This pipeline is being built without full and proper consultation with the Tribe on whose land it is being constructed, and as such, is an assault on Tribal Sovereignty.

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) will endanger sacred sites as well as the Missouri River and all life that depends on it for clean water. We support the efforts of hundreds of Indigenous People and Tribes, as well as Non-Indigenous People, who are actively opposing DAPL on site (as Water Protectors), and rebuke the violence being perpetrated by police, the National Guard, and security forces against the Water Protectors.

We affirm our support for the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People, and we call on all government agencies–most directly, President Obama and the Federal Government, the Government of North Dakota, and the Army Corps of Engineers–to use their power to stop the illegal seizure of land for the pipeline by Energy Transfer Partners, and to honor the Sovereignty and Treaty Rights of all Indigenous Nations in North America.

We recognize that this movement to stop DAPL began and continues to be held in prayer and ceremony. As Quakers, we add our prayers and will hold in the Light all who are engaged in this struggle for justice, for the land and water, and for the health of future generations.


Sharon Gross, Acting Clerk

Albuquerque Monthly Meeting