Building and Grounds Committee


Emma’s Garden – Dedicated Fall 2018

The Building and Grounds Committee oversees the maintenance of the building and property, including routine building and landscape maintenance, repairs, and building projects.

In 2018 Building and Grounds transformed the outdoor patio space in front of the Meeting House into a lovely enclosed garden, complete with slate pathway, a trellis for a grape arbor, garden/flower plots and an open area for future use, perhaps by the children.  Thanks to generous donations of furniture, the enclosed garden also provides a lovely sitting area and a round picnic table, complete with umbrella for shade.  The garden was officially dedicated in fall 2018 as “Emma’s Garden,” “El Jardín de Emma,” in recognition of the many gifts that Emma brought to our community during her long sojourn in Sanctuary between 2017-18.  In 2019, final touches have been added to the garden, increasing its use by members and attenders of Albuquerque Monthly Meeting.

Thanks to those who helped bring our vision to fruition including:

Jim Dudley, Jim Malone, John Penery, Ben Maseman, Miguel Franco, Robert Morales, Sara Keeney, and Matt.

 Building and Grounds also engages in more routine tasks, both inside and outside of the Meeting House.  Volunteers are always needed and welcome!  If interested in helping out, please contact Building & Grounds Clerk, Jim Malone at