Membership Requests

O & C also facilitates Clearness Committees for membership.

As nothing of the Meeting is “for members only,” what is the significance of becoming a member? How is it done?

Membership is an outward sign of a person’s realization of a personal involvement with others in the Meeting, of a commitment to the sharing of loving care and responsibility. When a person finds affirmative answers to the following kinds of questions, he or she contacts any member of the Oversight and Counsel Committee, who will provide guidance on the simple membership procedure.

  •         Has the Meeting for Worship in silence become an essential part of my life?
  •       How do I respond to the challenges of the Advices and Queries?
  •       Am I prepared to take on one of the volunteer jobs that are essential to a group that has no paid leaders or helpers?
  •       Am I willing to be a friend, in the broadest sense of the word, to other people in the Meeting?
  •      The one question that persons interested in membership are encouraged to avoid is, “Am I good enough to be a Quaker?”

In order to access support or request a Clearness Committee for Membership, please reach out to any member of Oversight and Counsel.

2019 O & C  Committee Members

Carol Merrill 
Joan Bowden 
Judy Hayes 
Pushpa Knottenbelt 
Tanny Morse

Alison Nylund, Clerk

Due to internet security concerns, the best way to contact an O & C member O & C  regarding a request please email the Webmaster and she will be sure to have an O & C member contact you as soon as possible.  There will be no need to divulge the nature of your request to the Web master.

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