The Albuquerque Monthly Meeting library operates under the umbrella of the Worship and Ministry committee.

Our library is a rich resource for books, pamphlets and magazines on Quaker topics, as well as on other religious traditions and peace and social concerns.

The library collection includes nearly 1,000 volumes, many of which are early editions of classic Quaker texts.  (Archival books are stored in the locked AMM office, but may be checked out by accessing the key from the librarian.)  In addition, there are hundreds of current texts, cataloged mostly in the Dewey decimal system, with a small section cataloged in the Library of Congress system.  A card catalog provides easy access to searches based on author, topic, or title.

Special sections are dedicated to biographies, children’s books, whiteness study, and sanctuary.  Additionally, the library contains many CD’s and VHS tapes of interest to seekers.

Items may be checked out and returned on the honor system – so if you have books that you checked out more than a month ago, please kindly return them!

AMM also subscribes to both Friends’Journal and Western Friend, and provides current editions of these magazines for use in the library (please do not remove so that others may enjoy!)

The library committee is small, overseen by long-time librarian, Sarah Malone, who learned to catalog books in her volunteer position in the Meeting library.  Volunteers interested in learning to catalog through our online service are always welcome.  Occasional library work days give everyone an opportunity to participate in updating our incredible library!

Questions?  Contact Sarah Malone at: