Listserv Guidelines

AMM Guidelines for Listserv Use:

  1. Appropriate Postings:
    • Newsletter – this is the preferred method of delivery for the newsletter.
    • Announcements from committees
    • Announcements of Quaker events or matters directly related to our Quaker Meeting – the kind of material that would appear in the newsletter
      • Please consider coordinating with an appropriate committee before posting.
    • Joys, Concerns, and Requests for Assistance such as being held in the Light, hospitality, ride-sharing to Quaker events, simple assistance, etc.
      • Please consider coordinating with an appropriate committee before posting.
  1. Inappropriate Postings:
    • Urgent requests – particularly same-day requests for assistance
    • Frequent or repeated posts – please be mindful that most households do not wish to receive multiple listserv announcements each day.
    • General discussion
    • Political messages, petition signing, etc.
    • For-profit activities
    • Want ads, personals, etc.
    • Forwarded messages from Quaker organizations or copied website content
      • Friends are encouraged to sign up to receive such emails directly.
      • Use links to websites when essential (instead of copying content) .
  1. Format of Postings:
    • Keep it brief.
    • Include a short clear subject line.
    • Include a contact person’s name and contact info in first line of the message.
      • The contact person should be someone at AMM, not at another organization.
    • Attachments should be in PDF, so that most users can open them.
    • The number of links and attachments should be kept to a minimum.
  1. General Information:
    • Send postings to
    • Messages will be posted by Listserv Coordinator about once a day
      • The message may be bundled into one delivery per day, except that the newsletter and Meeting for Worship for Business agenda should be sent separately.
      • Announcements arriving after 12:00 noon might not be posted until the next day.
  1. Urgent Messages:
    • Urgent messages may be sent by Clerk of Meeting at any time, per Clerk’s discernment.