FGC Institutional Assessment on Racism: **UPDATE June 2017**

***UPDATE***  June 2017
The following minute was approved at the June Meeting for Worship for Business:

2017.6.5 Albuquerque Monthly Meeting of Intermountain Yearly Meeting supports the Friends General Conference decision to undergo an Institutional Assessment to examine structural racism within the organization and create recommendations for transformation. We agree that identifying and eradicating policies, structures and culture that inhibit full participation by People of Color is essential. Although such an undertaking may be uncomfortable and disruptive for FGC and its members, we support this assessment. We commit ourselves to renewing our own exploration of institutional racism within the Albuquerque Monthly Meeting.

Background info:


Dear Friends,

In response to a decision at the May Meeting for Worship for Business, a time for discussion of the Mountain View Meeting’s request to Meetings in the Intermountain Yearly Meeting to support the internal work on racism that Friends General Conference is taking up…

  1. We have set a discussion meeting for 9:00Sunday morning, May 21. At that time we will speak together and hold in the Light the three requests Minuted by Mountain View Meeting. They have asked us to minute support of and gratitude for FGC’s Institutional Assessment process. Also they have asked us to contribute financial support to the cost of the assessment. And lastly they ask that we refresh our own Meeting’s examination of institutional racism. (A complete copy of the letter and Minute from Mountain View Meeting, and a short update about actions FGC has already taken, can be found BELOW as well as under Business Meeting.)  A few hard copies of both will be available for pick up on Sunday, May 14 at Rise of Meeting. 
  2. If, as a result of that discussion, those present decide our Meeting could also Minute a response to FGC’s work, another meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on Monday, May 22 at the Meetinghouse. The work of that meeting will be to write a proposed minute to take to Meeting for Worship for Business on Sunday, June 4.

For clarity about our Quaker process, I am reminded that the people who come to these May 21 and possibly May 22 meetings will be doing Spirit-led work for our Meeting. The final decision on this topic will be at Meeting for Worship for Business. That might be a report that we did not come to unity on this topic, or it might be to propose a Minute for the Business Meeting to respond to. Again, those present will be acting in good faith for the whole Meeting. Whatever comes out of our Meeting for Worship for Business will be reported to Intermountain Yearly Meeting by Nancy Rice, our member on IMYM Representatives Committee.

If you are somewhat new to Quaker process, I would encourage you to take a few minutes (this need not take long) and read the Advices and Queries in our Faith and Practice concerning the Monthly Meeting (pgs. 119 – 121). If you would like additional information from the Friends General Conference web site, you can find it at


For more information please contact Nancy Rice at mnrice@swcp.com or505-323-5539.

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