Now in Adult Ed!

This Sunday at 12:15: Chapter 5 of Fit for Freedom – “The Civil War and its Failed Reconstruction”
This Sunday at 9:00: Integrity!  I’ve attached an excerpt from Wilmer Cooper’s pamphlet, “The Testimony of Integrity.”  Please join us!

And don’t forget Fridays at Noon – Contemplative Reading Group – Tagore’s “Gitanjalii” – open to all

And here’s a short quote from Wilmer Cooper (not included in the attached excerpts):  “…she began by asking me, “What is a Quaker?” and “What is Quakerism?”  Because I didn’t have a quick and simple answer, she became impatient … As I have struggled with this question then and on many occasions since, as probably most Quakers have, it occurred to me that perhaps the word “integrity” comes as close as any single-word answer to, “What is Quakerism?” …”

Do you agree with Friend Wilmer?

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