Oct 1: Meeting for Worship for Business

A quick reminder that we will hold Meeting for Worship for Business this Sunday, Oct 1.  

As was approved on Sept 10, on Business Meeting Sundays schedule will be as follows:
–Meeting for Worship at the usual time 10:30-11:30
–We will then transition directly into Meeting for Worship for Business, following introductions and brief announcements.
–Friends are encouraged to take the time they need during this transition to attend to their needs for a stretch, a walk around the block, or a restroom break, while we hold a sense of gathered silence in the Meeting Room. We will begin the first agenda item by 11:45.
–After about 45 minutes, we will take a break and continue with the agenda after a short lunch.

The agenda will be posted on the Meeting website by Friday afternoon, Sept 29.
Look here on that date: http://abqfriends.org/business-meeting/

***Please take time to review the agenda and relevant materials before the Business Meeting (some materials may also be sent out on the list-serv in advance).

Thank you.
Yours in the light,

Tina Kachele
Presiding Clerk
ph: 505-977-3767

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