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The Whiteness Study group


Who We Are and What We Do!

 The Whiteness Study Group (WSG) is a self-created group of AMM members/attenders with a dedication to  understanding racism and whiteness in ourselves, our community, country and the world.  

We are also dedicated to facilitating AMM's participation in this process.  In 2018 we engaged in studying numerous  topics including: whiteness, white supremacy, racism, implicit bias, microaggressions, and  more.  We reflected on how each of these impacts our individual  spiritual lives and the collective life of the Meeting.  The WSG  actively participated in preparing a monthly presentation for Meeting  for Business, frequent movie nights, and at least two workshops.

In  2019, we continue to meet monthly for purposes of mutual support and  continued learning.  We also continue to organize movie events on topics  related to our anti-racism work.  We invite AMM members, attenders and  friends to attend.


Whiteness Study Group Meeting Format (Adopted April 2019)

 We start by sharing about our recent experiences carrying  our race-awareness into our daily lives. We are encouraged to ask for  whatever kind of response we need-- or don't need. ("I am just  processing/venting" or "I need help thinking how I can/could have  handle/d this differently," etc.)

We take turns facilitating  our meetings. The facilitator brings a suggested  article/resource for all to review before the meeting and discuss during  the meeting.

Group members share resources gleaned from their own studies and anti-racism work.

The group may implement a format from George Lakey’s book Strategies for a Living Revolution in which each person focuses their sharing on a topic to the most  important point they would like to make in one minute.  We like this  idea a lot, but aren't sure when to implement it in our meetings, but  we'll likely experiment with it as an opportunity to focus on the meaty  bits (of whatever), and to equalize voices in the room.


Our Next WSG Meeting - Join Us!

 October 10, 2019 (2nd Thursday) at 6:00 p.m.

We are planning a presentation for Business Meeting on October 6, 2019. 

Our reading is:   

Black Power's Challenge to Quaker Power  from AFSC's blog. Written originally in 1968 Friends Journal, republished in Black Fire (Quaker anthology, 2011), and then on the AFSC blog in 2015. 

We welcome new members but please do RSVP to:

If you missed our August Film!

If  you missed our film viewing from the New England Yearly Meeting 2019  Virtual Plenary, "Provoke One Another to Love," focused on exploring the  Minute related to the Doctrine of Discovery, you can view all three  addresses at:

Click on pdf files below to open.


There's much to see here. So, take your time to look around, read, learn and reflect. Find more in the AMM library on the whiteness shelf.


Click on link below to find the FGC Institutional Assessment Task Force Report 

White Women Doing White Supremacy in Nonprofit Culture 

Carrying the Weight of How the White World Imagines You

Converting Hidden Spiritual Racism in Sacred Activism: An Open Letter to Spiritual White Folks

Racial Equity Tools: Implicit Bias

AFSC guide on "Denormalizing Whiteness"
Whiteness for Friends FINAL_0

What Is Whiteness_ - The New York Times

Understanding Whiteness | Calgary Anti-Racism Education | University of Calgary

White Fragility-Why Its Hard to Talk White People Racism

White Fragility Is Racial Violence | Huffington Post

White Fragility_DiAngelo_fullpaper


“People of Color are in an Abusive Relat... (with White America)



A recent blog post from AFSC on learning our stories connects to our witness on immigration: “The stories we tell- Reckoning with our...e | AFSC

Race Related - A weekly news magazine on Race 

The 1619 Project - Slavery in America

The New York Times 8-14-2019 

 Implicit Bias test: 

 White Privilege Dicussion Guide (See video below) by Robin DiAngelo (DiAngelo is the author of several books on whiteness and race, and is the originator of the term "White Fragility.")
PuttingRacismTable_Discussion Guide - White Privilege 


Putting Racism on the Table is a series of videos that help develop a shared vocabulary for moving deeper into this work.
Full website here:



Mountain View (New England Yearly Meeting)

1. Noticing patterns report before NEYM 

2.  Reflection after sessions:


Check out this great video on Implicit Bias


Check out this video on microaggressions


Join Robin DiAngelo for a very helpful video about white privilege.


Structural Racism, by John A. Power (Structural Racism Discussion Guide)