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The Role of O & C

Contacting O & C/Prayer Circle

Contacting O & C/Prayer Circle

 The Oversight and Counsel Committee  (O & C) helps  the Meeting respond to the spiritual and personal needs of those  affiliated with the meeting.  Examples may include a clearness committee for the individual with personal and spiritual needs, a care committee for the person temporarily home bound, or sometimes help for Friends in financial need. O&C also has an active prayer circle whereby an individual may request prayers, and a monthly brown-bag discussion group for seniors on aging with grace. 


Contacting O & C/Prayer Circle

Contacting O & C/Prayer Circle

Contacting O & C/Prayer Circle

You may contact an O &  C member regarding a request by sending an email the Webmaster and  she will be sure to have an       O & C member contact you as soon as  possible.  There will be no need to divulge the nature of your request. Send your email to info@abqfriends.org

You may speak directly to or request an email response from any of the following 2020

O & C Members:

Joan Bowden 
Pushpa Knottenbelt   
Tennise Brock

How an O & C Committee Helps:

 Scroll down to read a personal testimonial from a Member’s  experience in requesting and receiving a Care Committee from          O  & C. 



Contacting O & C/Prayer Circle


O & C also facilitates Clearness Committees for Membership.

As nothing of the meeting is for “members only,” what is the significance of becoming a member and how is it done?

Membership is an outward sign of  one's personal  involvement with others in the Meeting; of a commitment to the sharing  of loving care and responsibility with and for the Meeting.

When a person finds affirmative answers to the following kinds of  questions, he/she/they may contact the clerk of Oversight and Counsel, who  will provide guidance on the simple membership procedure:

Has the Meeting for Worship in silence become an essential part of my life?

How do I respond to the challenges of the Quaker    

 Advices and Queries?

Am I prepared to take on one of the jobs which are essential to a group that has no paid clerk or helpers?

Am I willing to be a friend, in the broadest sense of the word, to other people in the Meeting?

The one question that attenders are encouraged to avoid asking is, “Am I good enough to be a Quaker?”

In order to access support or request a Clearness Committee for  Membership, please reach out to any member of Oversight and Counsel at: info@abqfriends.org

Already a Member of another Monthly Meeting?

Anyone who already has membership in another Quaker meeting may request a transfer of membership to Albuquerque's Monthly Meeting.  Simply contact the O & C clerk (Alison Nylund) to begin the process.  info@abqfriends.org

How a Clearness committee saved my life

 A Clearness Committee literally changed my life.  

Suddenly confronted  with an overwhelming family-wide crisis, I found myself with several  urgent needs.  I needed help and advice, to move from the house I owned,  and ongoing visits with a professional.  But finding a counselor would  take time, as therapists in Albuquerque who take Medicare are scarce.   And the limited equity I had in my house made my future living options  look bleak.

I asked for a Clearness Committee, and four or five people met with  me once a week for almost two months.  One member had information that  led me to the place I’m living in now, a beautiful and affordable co-op  townhouse.

Given enough time, I connected with a counselor, and when the  Clearness Committee disbanded I was able to report that my house was  sold, my new place acquired, and I had someone to see regularly for as  long as I needed.  

I will always be grateful for the help I received,  and I advise anyone in a crisis to ask Oversight and Counsel for a  Clearness Committee.

Submitted by:   Tanny Morse