Business meeting

About Meeting for Worship for Business

"At the meeting for business, the community gathers under the guidance of the Spirit, attempting to make decisions in unity."          

From:  Intermountain Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice

On the first Sunday of each month, members and attenders transition from Meeting for Worship to Meeting for Worship for Business.  

Quakers approach business meeting as a form of worship, taking time to quietly turn inward and listen for Spirit as we seek unity in decisions.

The work of a Friends' Meeting is accomplished through various committees who bring issues for the full community to consider in a business meeting. 

Meeting for Worship for Business is organized by a Clerk or Clerks who prepare an agenda and work with the group to seek unity.  Agendas are published a few days in advance, along with any needed background material. 

A recording clerk is always present to document discussion and decisions made at Meeting for Worship for Business.

A Quaker Meeting is possible due to the generosity of its members and attenders who maintain the Meeting as a religious nonprofit organization as well as attend to the many and diverse needs of the community. 

Frequently, the Meeting responds to issues in the larger community of city, state, country and world with a public statement of beliefs and actions on which the meeting finds unity.  Such decisions are adopted as "Minutes,"  copies of which may be obtained by visiting specific committee pages on this website, especially Sanctuary and Peace & Social Concerns.  

Scroll down for 2019 Business Meeting  Agendas.

Quaker Meeting for Worship for Business is a unique experience of Friends' process--a different process from that of secular meetings people have attended.  All are welcome.  New participants are encouraged to bring their questions to those more experienced.

A friend speaks during Business Meeting.

A friend speaks during Business Meeting.

2019 Business meeting agendas

The following pdf files include the agendas for Meeting for Worship for Business in 2019 in chronological order.  

No business meeting is held in July and February 2019 is missing.